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There are a few simple things you can do if you think your child is a bully and appropriate ways to address and correct the behavior.

No parent ever wants to consider the possibility that their son or daughter could be one of the mean popular kids at school, those who shun and dismiss anyone whoís different. I call them Elite Tormentors, and the caring, compassionate popular students who stand up for the underdog, Elite Leaders.

What are some of the warning signs your son or daughter may be in danger of turning into an Elite Tormentor? Pay attention to your childís demeanor on the phone. Does it sound like he/she is making a joke at someone elseís expense or gossiping about another student?


Unhealthy family habits can be harmful to the nucleus of your spouse and kids.

Why the empty nest reality is much less glum than the myth.

Start a new family tradition by picking a home in your neighborhood and delivering a secret elf surprise leading up to Christmas. Here's how.

Tips that will have you and your spouse navigating this holiday season like true pros.

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