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The 7 Amazing Benefits of Sex: Yay, More Reason to Have It!
If you needed more reasons to bring excitement back into the bedroom, these seven tips will help.

Sex is the playground of any healthy relationship, so why is that, in time, we decrease in our desire for our partner? It is because we stop giving our all to the relationship and no longer see the benefit or excitement in having sex. Sex with your spouse offers a level of comfort to be experimental, open and trusting in a way that cannot be matched. On top of that, there are some serious health benefits to a great sex life to provide further enjoyment and motivation. Here I list the seven amazing benefits of sex.
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Sex Wars: When Sex Is a Weapon In Your Marriage
With patience, effort, and perseverance (and these 10 tips), you and your spouse can learn to create extraordinary sexual intimacy.
Celebrating Mid-Life Sex
Donít let the age factor creep into your bedroom. By applying new techniques, itís possible to revitalize and find new beginnings and appreciation.
7 Tips: How to Deal With a Crush When Married
Our bodies are packed with chemicals that respond to other humansÖ and not always just our spouse. Here's how to deal with the feelings of an extramarital crush.

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