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6 Reasons Husbands Say 'No' To Sex
It's not uncommon for men to actually refuse sex. No really, it's true. Here are some of the common reasons men turn down sex.

The idea that all men are raving sexual beasts who never say "no" to sex is widely accepted. Both men and women have bought into the popular notion that men are, for the most part, highly sexed. On any given day, what normal red-blooded male turns down the opportunity for sexual connection with his partner? And what exactly is up when he does this repeatedly?

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How Men Can Put More Sex Back Into Marriage
A quick understanding of why many wives turn down sex and the simple things men can do to have more sex in their marriage.
Open Your Sexual Dialogue
Learn to evolve by exposing the hidden and open up to your spouse to help cure all sexual dysfunction in your marriage.
Is There A Pill for Low Libido in Women?
When it comes to sexual desire it's complicated. Dr. Trina Read explains why drug companies may be educating the public on a problem that can't be cured with a pill.

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