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Sex Q&A: Is Chatting Cheating?
The importance of defining what is acceptable in your relationship online, and tips to feel great naked.

I caught my husband chatting on Skype with an old girlfriend. He doesnít think this is cheating but I do. Who is right?

Twenty-five years ago cheating was a black and white issue: you went behind your spouseís back and had an affair. Today, cheating can look like a lot of things: emotional, via Skype, sexting, social network messengers and more. Because there are so many sub-categories to cheating, itís important for couples to discuss their relationship boundaries. ...Read More

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Here's how to make sure your sex toys are properly maintained to provide years of safe fun.
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Learning to feel gets easier the more you practice and it can save your sex life from years of pain and suffering.
Sex Q&A: Husband Uninterested in Sex and Fading Romance
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