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5 Tips to Help Young People Avoid Having Bad Sex
Itís time to starting changing the way we think about sex in our relationship. Hereís how.

A new study published by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles has found that a shockingly high number of young men and young women experience some form of sexual difficulty.

From performance anxiety to difficulty reaching climax to pain during sex, over one-third of the men and nearly half of the women surveyed said they suffer from some sexual issue. And these are not older peopleóthe group surveyed was between the ages of 16-21! ...Read More

The Simon Says Sex Game
Married sex can and should be fun. Try this game to explore new things in the bedroom. Nobody will lose!
Sex Q&A: How To Approach My Son If I Think Heís Gay
This week, Dr. Read shares stats from the Kinsey Institute and helps a parent communicate with their son about their sexuality.
Stagnant Sex Life? Do It Daily
Having regular sexual relations can provide a number of exciting benefits to your marriage.

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