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Sex Q&A: Is It Safe To Have Sex In The Ocean?
The fantasy of having sex in the water is tantalizing, but is it safe? Dr. Trina gives her advice on what to expect from the beach to the hotel pool.

My husband and I are planning a warm vacation and have fantasized about sex in the ocean. Heís heard itís not safe so what are our options?

The key to fantastic sex in the water is to make sure you have enough lubrication, as penetration may be more difficult when water washes away your natural lubrication.

To make sex more comfortable insert a small amount of silicone-based lubricant into your vagina beforehand. ...Read More

Sex Q&A: What Position Will Make Her Purr?
A wife wants to learn a new sex position that will get her aroused. Dr. Trina Read teaches her the CAT.
Moving Past Obligation Sex
Make the intimacy you share with your spouse meaningful by moving beyond boring routine sex. Hereís how!
Heal & Grow Through Sexual Fantasy
Unlock your sexual fantasies to traverse new areas in the bedroom.

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