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10 Tips for a Sweet and Sexy Holiday Season
Get a little naughty and nice this holiday season by creating the moments that really matter.

We all love the sparkle and beauty of the winter holidays, yet this special season isnít just about trimming the tree, eating sumptuous foods, and opening beautifully wrapped gifts. With romance in the air and warm fires aglow, thereís no time like the holiday season to spice things up!

The hustle and bustle of the season can be a bit tiring at times, so itís extra important to slow down to share some precious moments with your darling. Pare down the shopping list, decline an invitation to a party or two, and heat up the house with your own holiday magic! ...Read More

Sex Q&A: Bedroom Noises, Boring Sex and Scheduling
Is there anything wrong with scheduling sex? One reader's husband wants her to make noises in bed, but she doesn't feel comfortable. Dr. Trina Read has answers.
Sex Q&A: Antidepressants, Average Size, Orgasms and Social Media
What can you do if you antidepressant medication is messing with your sex life? Did you know in addition to the G-spot there's an A-spot and U-spot?
Product Review: We-Vibe 4 PlusÖ There's An App for That!
The fourth iteration of the couple's vibrator just keeps getting better with age.

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