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Study: Spouse's Drinking Habits Impact Marriage Satisfaction
A longitudinal study of drinking habits among married couples found that drinking habits (or lack thereof) could have an impact on marital satisfaction.
Learning To Feel: In Sickness and In Health
When we aren't feeling well, it can effect all other interactions in our life.
Of Land and Architecture
These 4 wineries heighten the visitor experience through their build and appreciation for the terroir.
Learn to Feel: 3 Ways to Save Your Sex Life
Learning to feel gets easier the more you practice and it can save your sex life from years of pain and suffering.
The 4 Best Benefits of Masturbation
Donít be fooled. Masturbation may help in areas youíve never imagined.
Men Need Sex and Women Need More
Get real. Men and women have two different sets of desires. Learn why and find out how to meet the requirements.
10 Essential Tips for Successfully Parenting Tweens
There's a lot going during the transition of child to adulthood. These parenting tips will help guide your efforts.
6 Secrets to Grow in Your Marriage
As the years pass you need to make sure you replenish the proverbial soil of your marriage with nutrients. Here's how.
Tips to Help Raise a Citizen of the World
4 tips to help encourage your child to be the author of their own lives and be an effective, happy, healthy, and members of society.
How to Choose Auto Insurance
3 options to consider when buying a new vehicle.
Research Explores Social Security Benefit Strategies for Couples
Researchers found couples can receive thousands of dollars more per year after a spouse passes if they are strategic with their benefits.
5 Tips to Marry Financial Plans
As couples get hitched later in life, they often already have their financial plans and planners set. These tips will help couples confidently merge their financial
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