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Study: When Does OCD Develop?
A large, longitudinal study on OCD finds several factors that increased the likelihood of an OCD diagnosis, starting with pregnancy conditions.
Top 10 Tips for Being†Together at Sea
Ever wanted to take the adventure of a lifetime on the sea? Here's a husband's quick guide on getting your wife aboard.
Giving Babies Eggs and Nuts Early May Avert Allergies
New research indicates that when you are introduced to foods might impact how your body reacts to it later in life.
4 Common Sex Myths Debunked
Bad sex myths can permeate your thoughts and actions. Reclaim the bedroom and put these common myths to sleep.
The Simon Says Sex Game
Married sex can and should be fun. Try this game to explore new things in the bedroom. Nobody will lose!
Sex Q&A: How To Approach My Son If I Think Heís Gay
This week, Dr. Read shares stats from the Kinsey Institute and helps a parent communicate with their son about their sexuality.
Do You Ask Your Spouse, "Can I Kiss You?"
We think we can read our spouses wants and desires, but in reality most are probably not very good at it.
10 Things Dads Wished Their Wives Knew About Parenting
There are a lot of differences between moms and dads, here is a simple explanation of parenting styles for moms.
The 7 Gifts That Give You Everything
How these seven divine gifts can transform your life starting today.
Solve This Buddhist Riddle for Financial Happiness
An interview with author, Bari Tessler, about her new book that explores the history and emotion behind your budget.
Save Money for Kid's College By Locking Up the Funds
Donít get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Use these alternative investing ideas to help save for your kidsís college.
College Savings Accounts: Understanding What You Can Do With a 529 Plan
What can you do with the savings if you no longer need it? Or if one child's education costs more than the other? Here are a few stories.
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