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Marriage Minutes: The One Personality Trait That Can Influence Your Spouse's Career
A common personality test was given to 4,500 married couples and only one trait emerged influential toward their spouse's career.

In a new paper published in the journal Psychological Science titled, "The Long Reach of One’s Spouse: Spouses’ Personality Influences Occupational Success" authors Brittany Solomon and Joshua Jackson used a study of 4,500 married Australian couples and measured them with a common personality test known as the Big Five. This test looks at five personality traits, including: extraversion (how outgoing and sociable a person is), agreeableness (how honest and sympathetic someone is, versus suspicious and unfriendly), conscientiousness (how well someone can plan and be productive, rather than be disorganized and impulsive), neuroticism (how anxiety-prone someone is) and openness (how naturally curious and open to change a person is). ...Read More

Principia Amoris: Looking at Love Through the Lens of Science
A book excerpt from "Principia Amoris," renowned family therapist John Gottman delves into the unquantifiable realm of love armed with science and logic.
Marriage Minutes: Marriage Troubles Linked to Obesity
Ohio State University researchers had couples eat high fat meals and the results weren't as fun as it sounds.
Anaba Wines Soar Using the Pacific Breeze
In just a few years, Anaba Wines has blown away wine competition judges and thirsty guests who visit their wind-powered winery.

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