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Researchers believe the step of marriage might be encouraging drinkers to mature out of their unhealthy drinking behaviors.

Research on alcohol-use disorders consistently shows problem drinking decreases as we age. Also called, "maturing out," these changes generally begin during young adulthood and are partially caused by the roles we take on as we become adults. Now, researchers collaborating between the University of Missouri and Arizona State University have found evidence that marriage can cause dramatic drinking reductions even among people with severe drinking problems. Scientists believe findings could help improve clinical efforts to help these people, inform public health policy changes and lead to more targeted interventions for young adult problem drinkers.


In landmark Supreme Court decision, gays and lesbians are granted equal rights and allowed to marry across the nation.

New research shows a connection of stress and blood pressure and how it affects each gender differently.

Having a child is exciting. What about two or three? Do they all bring the same amount of joy to a couple? New research explains.

A common personality test was given to 4,500 married couples and only one trait emerged influential toward their spouse's career.

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