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A better understanding of ADHD informs us that boy, girls and adults manifest ADHD in unique ways.

Rightly or wrongly, many people believe they can identify an individual who has ADHD based on sight, misinformation, or stereotype. Although people with ADHD may share some characteristics, there are many qualities of ADHD that you might not be able to recognize or correctly interpret.

ADHD is a human condition and is as complex and individualized as… well, we humans are! Furthermore, it is likely to appear differently in children versus adults, as well as between genders.


Healthcare coverage in the future is uncertain, which has many families worried. Here are a few things to consider today.

E-cigarettes release chemicals that aren’t normally in the air and are not harmless, but those who smoke them are more likely to think so.

New research examining women over a quarter century shows light to moderate exercise can help quash postpartum depression.

We often hear only about the negatives of social media, but here are just some of the benefits thoughtful engagement can provide.

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