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Researchers believe the laws lift a mental burden that sexual minority students may feel.

Enacting policies that promote equality, like same-sex marriage laws, may ease the mental burdens on lesbian, gay and bisexual young people, a new U.S. study suggests.

Researchers found that in states where same-sex marriage became legal, there was a drop in suicide attempts by high school students, especially among sexual minority students.

"I hope policymakers and the public are aware that the social policies that govern LGBT rights can have an impact on child welfare and wellbeing," said lead author Julia Raifman, a public health researcher at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.


Struggling to conceive is relatively common and IVF can help, but has its own truths.

Unlike previous studies on weight and pregnancy that focus solely on the woman, this one looks at the weight of both partners.

The use of opioid painkillers has exploded in the U.S. and we, parents especially, need to consider how the drugs are being handled.

Married couples experience lower cortisol levels than other individuals who may or may not be in relationships.

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