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The microbiome (gut bacteria) gets passed on from mother to baby during vaginal birth. Here are some tips to make sure it's in balance.

Boy, do I wish someone had told me how important a healthy microbiome is for pregnancy when I was young and impressionable! Although would I have listened? …Maybe not. Years of miscarrying and fertility treatments in my mid-twenties brought me to my knees as the desire for a baby overshadowed every other part of my life. No one seemed to have a solution except to head to the fertility clinic to find out why I was "broken."


On average men live five years less than women and many of those deaths can be prevented with a woman's help.

A better understanding of ADHD informs us that boy, girls and adults manifest ADHD in unique ways.

Healthcare coverage in the future is uncertain, which has many families worried. Here are a few things to consider today.

E-cigarettes release chemicals that aren’t normally in the air and are not harmless, but those who smoke them are more likely to think so.

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