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10 tips

Donít let resentment weigh you down. Instead, apply these 10 steps to help lift this burden off your shoulders.

Most of us have experienced some level of resentment at one point or another in our lives. Many of us may feel resentment often, maybe even constantly. Resentment can spiral out of control, fester in our lives and begin to take over our thoughts, actions and even our wellbeing. Resentment can overwhelm our innate sense of joy and ease.

How do we overcome these feelings and regain contentment and peace of mind? Here are 10 steps to help control the downward spiral of resentment.


People often equate love with many things, but in a marriage what defines love is clarity. Here are 10 points to take into consideration about the love you give and receive.

Take a step back and regroup with these 10 ways to bring inner harmony to your days ahead.

Negative words can leave a lasting impression. Use these tips to get past the hurt and back into the positive.

Itís nice to reconnect and get together with your friends. Use these tips to make your next "girls night out" fun and memorable.

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