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Everything you want to know about almonds, plus several serving ideas and a recipe.

Almonds have been around for a long time. They are mentioned in the Bible, and were a prized ingredient in breads served to Egyptian pharaohs. It is believed that almonds originated China and Central Asia. Early explorers traveling the Silk Road between Asia and the Mediterranean snacked on almonds. Before long, almond trees flourished in the Mediterranean, especially in Spain and Italy.

In the mid-1700's, the almond tree arrived in California from Spain, compliments of the Franciscan Friars. Today, California is the only place in North America where almonds are grown commercially.


These 8 recipes can be made in minutes with just a few simple ingredients.

Building the same old sandwich can get boring. Here are a number of ways to help make your next one a hit—and healthier.

Need something quick and easy that the entire family will love? Try this fun step-by-step potato bar recipe tonight!

All about the whole grain, what to look for on labels, and a few recipes too!

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