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Building the same old sandwich can get boring. Here are a number of ways to help make your next one a hitóand healthier.

Letís face it, kids get bored with sandwiches fast. We have some awesome tips to make school lunches a little more exciting. Here are four must-have building blocks for making the perfect sandwich and eight simple ideas to make things interesting.

How to Build a Healthy Sandwich


Select whole grain bread, sliced, pita, English muffin or tortilla. The fiber in whole grain bread will keep you full longer. The first ingredient on†the bread†label must say "whole grain."


Need something quick and easy that the entire family will love? Try this fun step-by-step potato bar recipe tonight!

All about the whole grain, what to look for on labels, and a few recipes too!

There's a very legitimate health reason for plating your food, and you donít have to be a professionally-trained chef to perk up a plate. Find out why and how to do it.

Add these 5 healthy items to your shopping cart this summer and begin to reap the benefits.

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