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Use these 5 simple tips to sit down together as a family when every plate feels like a custom order.

No mom wants to become a short order chef, especially when the complaining eater isnít a kid, but a husband.

If you relate, you are not alone.

Very often it is one partner who wants to get healthier, while another likes meat and potatoes; or one partner who has a food allergy, while one can eat anything; or one partner hates vegetables while the other is a vegetarian.

When two adults have very different food cravings or food upbringings, and kids are involved, it makes mealtime even more complicated; and it makes it much harder to raise kids who will eat everything.

Here are some ways to shift mealtime, so you can agree on what to eat.


Organic, heritage, free-range... what the heck do all of these labels mean? Here's a quick guide for buying poultry.

Jump off the diet bandwagon and follow these practical food tips.

Show your love by making delicious meals that speaks to his stomach and heart.

Your body responds to food differently depending on the season. These are some simple tips to follow.

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