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Can Color Improve Your Marriage?
How the colors that surround you may play a part in how strong your marriage is.

By John Dalog
What color is your marriage?

Did you know that color has a quick and powerful impact on the choices you make every day? According to six different studies in the Journal of Science the color red makes you more detail-oriented while the color blue inspires you to be more creative.

Color impacts every living organism directly affecting tissues and biological functions. The way the retina responds to color affects the nervous system and healthy tissue absorbs color differently than diseased tissue. Color can stimulate or inhibit hormone production. In stress-management, addressing the five senses creates a powerful synergy for relaxation. For example, combining music with walking outdoors in the light reduces intense stress or breathing deeply while visualizing the color green promotes healing—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Color therapy can be effective because it doesn’t rely on words and we all know how words can rationalize anything. Color releases intimate feelings; primary color choices reveal significant details about personality. For example, if your color choices are in sync with your beloved, then your marriage is most likely in sync. However, the more you dislike a color, which your partner prefers, the more stimulating and sexy the connection. Moreover, smart negotiators know that you can save yourself a lot of purposeless, repetitive arguing by moving the "discussion" to another room painted in a different color. The energy has changed.

What is the color of your marriage? See the color chart below to interpret or make changes to the way you color your relationship.

* Red is bold, energetic and conspicuous. In many cultures, red is used to chase away evil spirits, suggesting confidence. You are more likely to be alert and accurate about what you are doing.

* Blue is relaxing and as expansive as the sky. When you are relaxed, your creativity can flow from your subconscious into your conscious mind. There is great productivity in rest.

* Green is pervasive in the natural world. It promotes healing, symbolizing growth and fresh, new life. In most cultures spring is the season of optimism.

* Yellow is the color of sunshine and represents enlightenment.

* Purple rests in balance between red and blue. It inspires you to feel regal and empowered.

* Orange is the color of cheerfulness and activity. You don’t need to paint your room orange, but I recommend placing something orange on your desk to make you smile.

* Brown is earth-toned and grounding, generating stability.

* White is cleanliness and purity inspiring you to de-clutter and start anew.

* Black is authoritative and powerful, associated with a sense of mystery and depth.

Of course, there is an important qualifier: All this depends on the personal associations you have with color. If you have a good experience or received good news while wearing a particular color, then you will have positive associations. However, if you were abused while wearing a cheerful color, you will have negative associations.

Ultimately, when you express your personal style or your mindset, think about the message you wish to transmit to others, because subliminally color transmits emotion and energy. Also, be alert to the energy you are absorbing. We all have a favorite color or two, but don’t get locked into that one color. When it concerns the vast range of your personality and the expansiveness of your identity, think rainbow.

Debbie Mandel, MA is the author of "Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life", "Changing Habits: The Caregivers' Total Workout" and "Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul," a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker and mind/body lecturer. She is the host of the weekly Turn On Your Inner Light Show on WGBB AM1240 in New York City, produces a weekly wellness newsletter, and has been featured on radio/ TV and print media. To learn more visit: www.turnonyourinnerlight.com.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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