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Trina shares tips on how to introduce something new into the bedroom, plus she helps a husband who isn't confident about the size of his penis.
Healing Sexual Harassment with Education
It's through enlightenment not suppression that we're able to understand and control the sexual within.
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Knowing what you and your spouse like seems like a simple question, but many can't answer even the basics. Setting up boundaries can help.

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Our food culture is causing relationship issues with our food. Here are nine simple tips.
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Here are 5 reasons you should take a Scottish Shower in the morning.
Tired of Walking on Eggshells Around Your Moody, Oversensitive Teenager?
Don't let your teenager dictate the conversation, be willing to engage. Here's how.
Bullying: 3 Ways Parents Can Step-In Early
The identification and response to bullying starts at a very young age. Here are a few tips for parents.
Essay: The Best Marriage Advice You’ll Get
If you need to understand what great marriage advice sounds like, here it is, ready to be read whenever you're ready or it's needed.
How To Have A Great Summer Vacation Without Wrecking Your Finances
Here are 5 tips to keep your vacation memorable and within your budget.
Financial Red Flags Your Partner Doesn’t Want You to Notice
Embracing candid money conversations can help your marriage thrive.
How Finances Can Impact Relationship Longevity
A recent financial survey sheds light on how couples view money within their marriage.
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