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Conscious Lovemaking vs. Cosmic Sex


Dormant HSA Funds Can Be Seized, What to Do
You've put money aside in case you get sick, but have forgotten about it. Depending on the circumstances, the money can be legally taken away.
Do Any Fad Diets Improve Your Heart Health?
Juicing, coconut oil, paleo, gluten-free… do these diets help your ticker? Pull out your stethoscope and listen to what the researchers say.
Martin Ray Offers a Unique Portfolio of Wines of Place
Amazing grapes, spectacular land, and a talented team with vision make Martin Ray wines special.
Study: Americans Are Having Less Sex These Days
While the causality is uncertain, sex isn't happening as much as it used to and for some groups more than others.
4 Ways to Turn On Arousal
If you want to arouse your spouse, turn on their brain. Here's how.
3 Ways to Welcome Non-Ordinary Sex
Good sex seems to stop time. By putting in a little time for thought and preparation you can get back to this magical space.
How to Convince Your Spouse You’re Ready for a Dog
Is your marriage ready for a dog? You might think so, but how do you convince your spouse? Here are a few tips.
6 Tips to Engage Creatively with Your Partner
Trust the intimacy in your relationship to open up and explore.
6 Tips to Add Emotional Intelligence to Your Marriage
Many marital spats can be eliminated or squashed by flexing your EQ muscles.
If Lower Taxes Arrive Consider Converting to a Roth IRA
Congress is looking to push through tax reform, which might open an opportunity to moved your retirement money around and save on taxes.
How to Support Your Spouse's Career Decisions
The days of working for a single employer your entire career has become a quaint thought. Here are some tips for couples to consider in today's changing employment l
Quick Roadmap for Financial Compatibility
To get your marriage closer you'll need to get your finances together as well.
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