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Come Visit: Spaniard Missionaries Brought Winemaking to this Region 200 Years Ago
Just east of San Francisco rests Livermore Valley, a jewel of a winemaking region with a rich California history.
Perfect Summer Picnic Hacks
No picnic table, no problem. Want dessert without the mess, we've got you covered. Check out these 7 genius picnic hacks.
Is This the Future of Drug Pricing?
The pharmaceutical industry is feeling the pressure to change its economics. A new consideration is to charge based on results not per pill.
4 Ways To Become Sexually Free
Marriage provides a unique safe space to explore your sexual self and to grow.
Sex Q&A: Is Chatting Cheating?
The importance of defining what is acceptable in your relationship online, and tips to feel great naked.
How to Properly Maintain and Store Your Sex Toys
Here's how to make sure your sex toys are properly maintained to provide years of safe fun.
Overcoming Neediness and Get The Love You Want
From his book about neediness, Dr. Ito defines what it is and explores the damaging effects it can have on relationships.
Managing Stressful Events, Together
5 warning signs that your spouse may not be good in a crisis.
Tug of War: The Baby Decision
Choosing whether or not to have a baby might be the most difficult choice a couple ever faces. From the book, "The Baby Decision" comes a clear, compassionate guide
How to Easily Save for Family Fun
It's important for your marriage and family to spend some fun time together. Here's how you can financially make that happen.
Are You Saving Too Much For Your Kidsí College
Get your financial priorities back on track with these four tips.
Your Money: Shop Your Closets Before Hitting Back-to-School Sales
School teacher turned blogger shares her back-to-school savings tips.
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