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3 Quick and Helpful Tips for Improving Your Marriage
Making magic in your marriage can happen with a few intentional steps.

When you’ve been married for years, it can be challenging to keep the chemistry or romance alive. By using the following tips below, you and your spouse can apply these quick and easy tips to help maintain and keep your marriage alive and strong!

1. Regularly Rehearse Magic Moments

Change the story that you tell yourself about your marriage by focusing on the great times you’ve shared together and reminisce on them (over and over again), and if you have to during the not-so-magic moments. When you habitually remind yourself of the good in your relationship, you create a new story in your mind that affirms your marriage and establishes a healthy foundation to build more happy memories upon.

2. Become More "Mate Aware" Than "Me Aware"

It’s important to not be overly consumed with what we need from our spouse that we don’t take the time to consider what they need and how to serve them best. Learning to look at life from your spouse’s perspective helps you better understand how to love, support and honor their needs. I’ve learned that when you do this, reciprocity undoubtedly follows. The best unions are the ones when you have two people doing everything in their power to make the other person happy.

3. Compete in Generosity

Wholeness allows us to live life with a sense of joy, abundance and inner-security. As a result, we can generously shower our spouse with tokens of love and affection because we’re no longer focused on what we can get out of life, but rather what we can give to others. Remember, generosity isn’t always about giving big lavish gifts, but finding every day ways to thank your spouse for loving you.

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