5 Reasons Why Couples Working Out Together is a Great Idea
Working out as a couple will bring you closer together as a couple, both physically and emotionally.

Forward by Katie Vannier

We want you to feel sexy in your lingerie, to feel strong when moving that couch you just bought together, and to feel connected when you pass out on the floor in a sweaty post workout mess together. We have been on our fitness journey for a couple years now. Working out as a couple has helped us grow stronger both literally and figuratively.

We are so happy to have Amanda Pennino, our friend and fitness coach, shine some light on why couples working out together can be an amazing experience. These are the 5 reasons why couples working out together is a great idea, and why you should give it a shot if you have been holding yourself back.

1. I have constant support and accountability. Yes, I still get into my zone. And yes, I have bad days when I don’t feel like pressing play. BUT, when I fall out, lose form, or genuinely just want to quit (we’re now doing INSANITY MAX:30 together and, man, is it ever tough), my man is always there telling me to keep going. And, if he is gasping for air (very common when working out with Shaun T) and cannot form a sentence, then his actions by pushing through always inspires me to do the same and I keep hauling ass.

2. We have bonded on a whole other level. We’ve seen each other swear angrily at the screen, sweat profusely, have snot hanging out of our noses, and move in strange, workout ways. We have also seen each other feel defeated, and then, triumphant! We’ve high-fived and butt-smacked as a sign of pride for each other’s hard work… And, we sweaty-hug it out when it’s over. This brings me to #3.

3. Sexy, sweaty kisses. Damn, not only do I feel amazing after a Shaun T workout, but because we are each other’s accountability partner we are both working out every day and both looking like sexier beasts by the minute! Tell me to keep my hands off this fine specimen of a man when his 6-pack is all up in my grill… Sorry, not going to happen. Bring on the sexy, sweaty kisses, (and shower time).

4. Extra quality time together. Working out as a couple has definitely added time to bond as a unit. As a team. As partners. You’re motivating, encouraging, and genuinely looking out for each other. Blast some music and try singing at the top of your lungs while you’re getting your ass kicked, make it silly, face each other for certain awkward moves to make it hilarious. Then, when you’ve killed the workout, talk about how it went. This is something he and I always do. We both take great pride in our amazing communication, so working out becomes part of working on our communication skills. We explain what moves we nailed and what we’d like to work on for tomorrow’s workout. Whether or not we are both looking forward to—or dreading—the next day’s workout, at least we are doing it together, and we know how we feel about it.

5. Inspire others to do the same. We end up inspiring other couples to give this a try—if not for each other, then at least for their own health. Chris and Katie are exhibit A!

Need I say more? Helping someone finally decide to get healthy, active, and to do it with someone they love on top of it all is the best way to keep on spreading the love. We always share what we are doing to stay healthy on our social media, and we are always pumped when we learn that we have encouraged other couples  to give it a try.

So you see, working out as a couple, can, totally, work out. (See what I did there?)

Transformation Coach, fitness junkie and cat lover, Amanda Pennino, wants you to feel happy, healthy, and confident in your own skin. All it takes is at-home workout a day, one delicious Shakeology shake a day, and the motivation from her online support group. For more, please visit Amanda’s Facebook page, here.

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