Plan a Romantic Outdoorsy Getaway in Golden, British Columbia
A few simple tips for adventure, activities and romance in picturesque British Columbia.

If you love the outdoors, nature, adventuring with your spouse, then Golden, British Columbia is your destination. Here are just a few tips for planning a romantic and outdoorsy getaway that is sure to please.


One of the things you and your spouse will love most about the great outdoors is that you get to move around and be free. Golden is an amazing place to do something active because of its beautiful weather and pristine landscapes. Start with a gorgeous and romantic hike in the Canadian Rocky Mountains or in one of the six nearby national parks. Take an easy hike along the Columbia River to hear the soft gurgle of the water, or go to Glacier National Park to take in the breathtaking scenery.

There are plenty of trails to go biking too. Kayaking tours, golf courses and skiing are all available in Golden, along with mountains, trees and crisp, fresh air.


Attention adventure travelers! Golden is your thrill-seeking hub.

There ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough and ain't no river wide enough to keep you from the next adventure with your partner. For your honeymoon or anniversary, plan a few adrenaline-inducing activities. With the beautiful mountain landscapes surrounding you, it's a great time to try paragliding. Book a flight with Altitude Adventures where you can glide through the air with an instructor.

If you'd prefer to keep your feet on the ground (or water, in this case), make a date for whitewater rafting. Test your skills with class IV rapids and paddles in hand! If you're traveling during the winter, trade in your raft for a snowmobile with White N' Wild.


After all of these activities, you need a quiet, comfortable and romantic spot to wind down. Kicking Horse Lodging is the perfect place to find guest rooms, suites and even town homes that are close to all of your outings. If you plan on going skiing during the day, stay at Palliser Lodge so you have ski-in/ski-out access and a hot tub to wind down at the end of the day. Enjoy the upscale accommodations, soft beds and romantic atmosphere.

Don't forget to plan for some delicious restaurants as well. Whether you're looking for steak, Italian, American or any number of international cuisines, you can find some amazing options. Have a quiet afternoon sipping coffee at Bacchus Books & Cafe or enjoy a smoky barbecue for dinner at Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse one night.

Just because you're having an outdoorsy vacation doesn't mean you have to rough it the entire time. Plan the activities you'll both enjoy, have some new experiences and enjoy being together as a married couple.

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