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How Choice Can Change Your Future
How to connect the pieces in your life to give it optimal freedom.

There is always much debate as to whether life itself is pre-destined. Does everything happen for a reason, or are we in fact in control of our own destiny?

I like to believe that we have a certain amount of control, but what sort of control do we actually have over our own lives? We can all dream, but unless we put those dreams into action, they will forever remain dreams.

First, there is the element of choice. While Shakespeare says, "To be or not to be," if we change his words to: "To do or not to do," this gives us choice. Choice makes our behavior unpredictable to anyone but ourselves. Choice is our ultimate freedom, and the very essence of our personality. If we have nothing else in this world, at least we have choice.

There is also the belief that your destiny is written in the stars. This means at the time of your birth, your life path is determined. So, can astrologers forecast your destiny with pinpoint detail, or are they merely guestimates based on possible events depending on your choices? That is the question.

Id like to view life as a giant jigsaw puzzle; the completed puzzle is your final destiny, and the pieces are your choices along the way. So, if we think of fate and destiny in the same way, by completing the edges, youll find missing pieces are your life choices. Each life choice that goes completely wrong is one piece in the puzzle that doesn't quite fit. The past is the completed pieces, while the present is made up of the pieces you are working on. This means, the future is still in a jumbled mess to the side, waiting to be pieced together.

Maybe this is what psychics see. Perhaps a psychic reading allows them to tap into different parts of your jigsaw puzzle, showing you the potential pieces that could be completed. Perhaps they are revealing the jigsaw pieces you never knew existed, thus opening up your choices. Knowing that you have choices gives you hope, and if you are not happy with something in your life, you have the power to change this.

So is life really a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences; or is it all part of a sublime plan?

While I believe in fate and destiny, your future path is not set; the pieces of your jigsaw can be completed in any order you choose. Your choices determine your destiny; your choices outline your fate. Therefore, by completing your jigsaw puzzle in the order that you see practical, you give your life freedom. If you are feeling stuck, try to complete one piece of your puzzle at a time. If you feel that you are not progressing, you always have the ability to choose a different piece of your puzzle to work on. You can never be stuck when your life is not completed, because there is always the choice to change your future.

Lisa N. Edwards is the author of "Can't Fight Fate," which is be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

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