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5 Fun Indoor Winter Dates Ideas
Beat the winter blues with these five cozy date ideas.

With much of the nation gripped by icy cold temperatures, the last thing you probably want to do is brave the wintry weather outside. Being stuck inside has its benefits, though, especially when you’re stuck with your sweetie. Keep those long winter nights interesting with these five fun and romantic winter date ideas.

S’mores by the fireplace. All you need is a chocolate bar, some marshmallows and a box of graham crackers and you’ve got yourself a simple yet memorable romantic date. Create a cozy nook for two by throwing some pillows and blankets on the floor next to the fireplace to snuggle on as you toast marshmallows. To turn up the romantic ambiance, turn off the lights so you can enjoy the glow of the crackling fire.

Summer theme night. Plan a cold-weather escape at home with a summer-themed dinner and movie night. Scrape the snow off the grill and fire up your favorite grilled summer food. Mix up some refreshing lemonade, a tasty tropical cocktail or whatever fruity beverage reminds you of sitting poolside in the sun and sip away as you watch summer-themed movies like “The Beach,” “Into the Blue,” “Jaws and One Crazy Summer.”

Hot chocolate tasting. Warm your taste buds and your insides by setting up a flavored hot chocolate tasting. Gourmet hot chocolate samplers can be found online or in specialty stores and come in a variety of flavors: strawberries and white chocolate, raspberry, dulce de leche and chocolate mint are just some of the delicious gourmet flavors you can find.

Oscar marathon. If you love movies, the beginning of the year is prime time for catching the best movies. Escape the frosty outdoors by spending the day inside a toasty theatre as you movie hop from one Oscar-nominated movie to another. At the end of the marathon find a cozy coffee shop and share your own reviews over a pair of steaming lattes.

Rock climbing. If you prefer a more active, adventurous date then take the outdoors indoors and go rock climbing. Nothing melts away the chill in your bones like getting your blood pumping. Reward your aching muscles after you’ve conquered the rock by relaxing together in a steamy sauna or hot jacuzzi.

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