6 Macho Gifts for Manly Men
These gifts are perfect for the rugged man in your life.

Forget another tie. This year, give your macho man a macho gift. From edible stocking stuffers and grilling accessories to hand-forged steel and indestructible coolers, these are the gifts every manly man will want.

1. Hand Forged Axe
In a world where quality is hard to come by, the Best Made Co., stands out. Devoted to the craft of all things well-made, the outdoor lifestyle retailer specializes inhand forged blades and axes, among other manly accessories. For example, the Hudson Bay Axe is made from 5160 American alloy steel and its handle features fine grain Appalachian hickory.

Designed and made in the U.S., this ax, which is modeled off some of the oldest ax patterns in America, is optimal for the homestead or farm, and excels at chopping, splitting and buckling larger wood. Meantime, its smaller, lightweight Hudson Bay counterpart is great for camping and can fit in a pack or kayak.

2. Bison Jerky
Free of steroids, antibiotics, chemicals and other additives,bison jerky from Sayersbrook Ranchis a great gift for a macho foodie. High in protein and low in fat, bison jerky is a great grab-and-go snack for today's on-the-go man. In fact, bison meat features 40 percent more protein than beef and fewer calories than chicken and fish. The Montana-based ranch ships its good anywhere in the U.S. and features a variety of other grass-fed and free-roaming game meats, including wild boar and elk.

3. All-Terrain Tires
Rugged trucks need high-performance, all-terrain tires. And boy do we have something unique to showcase.Toyo Open Country AT II tiresfeature an open block tread design and an aggressive sidewall that provide the utmost traction for manly truck owners during inclement weather conditions and in rough terrain.

Additionally, these all-terrain tires feature a wear-resistant tread compound, providing ultimate durability and long-lasting performance. And the deep tread grooves of the tires promote grip when driving through snow or on muddy roads, while its stone-ejecting blocks can protect against tire damage.

4. Hard Cooler
Ideal for camping, boating and any other outdoor activity, the Tundra 75 Hard Cooler by Yeti keeps its contents cold wherever your truck takes it. The cooler is also bear-proof and full of features, including extra-thick walls that hold up to two inches of insulation as well as rotomolded construction that makes it the most over-performing ice chest available today.

Additional features include heavy-duty rubber lid latches, molded tie-down slots, freezer-quality gasket circles that expand the length of the lid, a leakproof vortex drain system, interlocking hinges and military-grade rope handles for easy carrying.

5. Manly Soap
What do pine trees, bacon-fresh, cut grass, leather and topsoil all have in common? Well, they're allsoap scents developed by ManHands, a soap company that was created after founder Adam Anderson realized the only soap scents available in his house were girly scents that "no man should ever have to smell like."

Plus, the company's semi-eponymous name makes sense, as all ManHands products are handmade and manmade. The soap company's lineup features more than 50 different scents and an array of products, including wax cubes, shave soap and tequila-scented hand sanitizer.

6. Monogrammed Steak Brand
Great for backyard chefs and grillmasters, a monogrammed steak brand can add a unique touch to any grilled meats. In fact, grillers can char their initials into steaks with a hand-forged iron brand, forged by a genuine Texas cattle rancher. Available from Williams Sonoma, the made-to-order steak brand can be customized to include one, two, or three initials, allowing your man to make his mark on his meat.

Give your macho man something he actually wants not another boring tie.

Lauren Topor full-time freelance writer and alumna of Arizona State University. Her professional work has appeared in a variety of publications from lifestyle mags to business websites. Follow Lauren on Twitter @hungryinphoenix.

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