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If you’re trying to live a perfectly balanced life, you’re chasing a delusion.

When it comes to motherhood, wifehood, and careerhood, I think the word "balance" is bulls** (excuse my French). As a wife of 25 years, mom of four kids ranging in age from 13-23, yoga instructor, author, wellness warrior, and owner of ModernWell, a women’s cooperative workspace and wellness center in Minneapolis, I have done my fair share of trying to perfect the act of "balance." And guess what? It is indeed an "act" and balance is not a reality for most working moms, nor should it be a goal.


5 consideration when looking for a flexible job while the kids are in school.

Business relationships are not as cut and dry as they once were and the cards that go out can be paper to digital... here's what you should know.

If your spouse is looking for a change, follow these 4 steps to recalibrate their career trajectory.

The first step in addressing the issue is acknowledging it's there.

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